Landlords, when did you last have a rent check?

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Are you maximising profits on your buy-to-let investment?

There’s no doubt that high house prices and a tax crackdown have squeezed landlords but there are plenty of ways you can make sure your buy-to-let investment is working for you.

One of the ways you can do this is with a rent check.

So, what’s a rent check?

Sit down with one of our lettings experts and, together, we will:

  • Compare the prices of rental properties similar to yours to ensure you’re charging the right price.
  • Identify your property’s best features to maximise its appeal to the rental market.
  • Help you minimise costly void periods and ensure you’re maximising a return on your investment.

We will also offer step by step support on all new legislation and regulations to keep you safe and legal.

Don’t miss out. Maximise your property’s potential today.

Book in for a free rent check with us.

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